Fransız Basınında Şeyh Said İsyanı

2021 Journal of History and Future  
Sheikh Said rebellion is a rebellion movement targeting the regime of Turkey, founded under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Pasha. This rebellion, which emerged when relations with England became tense because of the Mosul question, was a event closely followed by France, which established a mandate regime in Syria, which is close to the Mosul. The French press, which followed the developments in Turkey with a great attention, also closely followed the Sheikh Said rebellion. Herein, the public
more » ... pinion's search for an answer to the question of how permanent the new regime and the modernization steps taken could be was also efficient. A remarkable part of the press shared the view that the modernization steps of the regime in Ankara caused some unrest among the people and associated this with the rebellion in Eastern Anatolia. While some newspapers shared the view that the rebellion was based on a religious reason, some newspapers emphasized that the rebellion aimed to establish a national state. In addition, the opinion that England, who did not want to abandon Mosul to Turkey, had a part in this rebellion, also took place in the newspapers.
doi:10.21551/jhf.1033599 fatcat:lrkaurh3uvgnplkekub3sxkyuy