Influence Of Sports Games Classes On Personal Features Of Students

Michael Kudryavtsev, Vladimir Kuzmin, Gennady Galimov
2018 Zenodo  
Sports games and physical culture in general - a way of formation of personal features of those who are engaged. They help to concentrate on achievement of the purposes, form need of the person, namely students in healthy lifestyle, increase working capacity, develop will power, seek to progress. Development of personal qualities of the person in the period of student's age is especially important. Because at this age the person has big physiologic changes, changes of consciousness and ideas
more » ... ut the body. Purpose: to consider the question of influence of physical culture and sport on personal features of students. Material and methods: analysis of scientific and methodical literature; conducting poll among students; processing of results of poll. Results: survey of students of the first and last courses is conducted; they also learned scientific and methodical literature. Conclusions: the analysis of scientific and methodical literature allowed drawing a conclusion that sports and physical culture really influence formation of personal qualities of students of different courses. However, it is impossible to construct a profile of personal features of sportsmen precisely who do certain sport; it is possible to select only a row of personality traits which represent in general resistant components of the integral personality. Also personal characteristics of students, who are engaged and don't do any sport, were studied. Results showed that students, who play sports, have better developed qualities such as: motivation of achievement of the purposes, discipline, diligence, ability to overcoming any difficulties.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1254027 fatcat:73vkzctbozaopeln27ksxyglsy