Foreword [chapter]

2013 Medicine and the Saints  
I must say t h at I am deeply honored that Mme. Ellen Amster has asked me to write the foreword to her book about the history of the health system in Morocco. This extensively researched work is a veritable mine of information for us and for the generations to come. It constitutes, henceforth, the authoritative reference on the subject. It permits us to understand the evolution of the Moroccan health service, its strengths and its weaknesses, and its impact on the health of the population. In
more » ... ght of this past, and facing the contemporary challenges to health in Morocco today, what have we learned? It is this question that I wish to address in this foreword, by connecting the historical past of the Institut National d'Hygiène du Maroc with the transformations it has undergone over the past century, and fi nally linking it to the future reserved for it as the consolidator of public health in Morocco.
doi:10.7560/745445-001 fatcat:kwci7gmnbrfxzkhloaxg76le6e