Post-combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture using Amine Functionalized Solid Sorbents

Nikhil Mittal
This work is divided into two parts: (1) Synthesis of amine functionalized adsorbents using grafting technique for post-combustion CO 2 capture, (2) Performance evaluation of structured bed configuration with straight gas flow channels using amine impregnated adsorbent for post-combustion CO 2 capture. Brief description of each part is given below: (1) N-(3-trimethoxysilylpropyl)diethylenetriamine (DAEAPTS) grafted SBA-15 adsorbents were synthesized for CO 2 capture. The adsorption of CO 2 on
more » ... e amine-grafted sorbents was measured by thermogravimetric method over a CO 2 partial pressure range of 8−101.3 kPa and a temperature range of 25−105 °C under atmospheric pressure. The optimal amine loaded SBA-15 adsorbent was examined for multi-cycle stability and adsorption/desorption kinetics. (2) The performance of structured bed and packed bed configurations for postcombustion CO 2 capture was evaluated using PEI impregnated SBA-15 adsorbent. The effect of adsorption temperature (25-90 °C), adsorption /desorption kinetics and multi-cycle stability was studied in both structured and packed bed configurations.
doi:10.7939/r3348gs9n fatcat:jlq47prukfbthhj4ocv5o2qheq