Comparison of Fixed Time Insemination of Heifers and Lactating Beef Cows using an Intravaginal Progesterone Releasing Device (CIDR-B), Estradiol Benzoate and Prostaglandin F2a, With Other Methods

T. A. Hamilton, R. B. Stubbings, G. Shewfelt
A series of 4 trials were conducted over 2 years, using suckled beef cows and virgin heifers, to compare the effectiveness of an estrus synchronization program with fixed time AI, utilizing a progesterone releasing intravaginal device (CIDR-B®, InterAg, New Zealand), with other controlled breeding strategies.
doi:10.21423/aabppro19975893 fatcat:dlnxeo4cefea5isgcqic2eqpoi