Energetic Considerations For Sputter Deposition Processes

Dirk Hegemann, Martin Amberg
2013 Zenodo  
Sputter deposition processes, especially for sputtering from metal targets, are well investigated. For practical reasons, i.e. for industrial processes, energetic considerations for sputter deposition are useful in order to optimize the sputtering process. In particular, for substrates at floating conditions it is required to obtain energetic conditions during film growth that enables sufficient dense metal films of good quality. The influence of ion energies, energy density and momentum
more » ... r is thus examined both for sputtering at the target as well as during film growth. Different regimes dominated by ion energy, energy density and momentum transfer were identified by using different plasma sources and by varying power input, pressure and bias voltage.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1087272 fatcat:47mklz5qxjam5hnwor76wtauru