Quantum Algorithm for Continuous Global Optimization [chapter]

V. Protopopescu, J. Barhen
Applied Optimization  
We investigate the entwined roles of information and quantum algorithms in reducing the complexity of the global optimization problem (GOP). We show that: (i) a modest amount of additional information is su±cient to map the general continuous GOP into the (discrete) Grover problem; (ii) while this additional information is actually available in some classes of GOPs, it cannot be taken advantage of within classical optimization algorithms; (iii) on the contrary, quantum algorithms o®er a natural
more » ... thms o®er a natural framework for the e±cient use of this information resulting in a speed-up of the solution of the GOP.
doi:10.1007/0-387-24255-4_13 fatcat:umpsrjcmw5dltcj5xltnzbxrqq