Using Comic-Based Socio-Scientific Issues in inquiry learning to increase interest and achievement in science learning

Ratna Lestari, Tjipto Haryono, Erman Erman
This research aimed to produce science comics products of earth disaster response, described the validity, practicality and effectiveness of comic learning tools based on socioscientific issues (SSI). SSI-based comics combined with guided inquiry models to increase interest and science learning achievement. It used to facilitate students learning in classrooms which mostly have a visual learning style. This research developed using 4-D model and designed using the one-group pretest-posttest
more » ... gn. The research subjects were 120 Grade VII students of Junior High School. The instruments used validation sheets, the implementation of learning, student activities, student responses in the form of modality and interest questionnaires, attitude assessment sheets, and written tests. The data were analyzed descriptively in the form of questionnaires and learning outcomes tests. This questionnaire contains statements and a Likert scale to measure students' learning modalities and interests, while the learning outcomes test is in the form of a multiple choice written test to measure students' cognitive abilities by determining the percentage of n-gain score and the percentage of learning completeness. The results showed that students' interest and learning achievement on earth disaster response material had increased in all classes because of the use of SSI-based comic teaching materials that helped optimise the process of guided inquiry learning. The stage of guided inquiry also requires students to read a lot and discuss SSI problems in comics. Statistical tests showed that interest in learning affects increasing student learning achievement in Classes VII-B, VII-C, and VII-E because most students have visual learning modalities. But it did not have much impact on grades VII-A and VII-D, which are modality levels visual learning is still relatively low. This is due to the interest in learning which is influenced by learning modalities, abilities, learning intensity, student attitudes, and student learning environment. So, great interest tends towards senior learning achievement as well, but not all show the influence of attention on it. Student responses were positive. Finally, SSI-based comic teaching materials in guided inquiry learning on earth disaster response materials are appropriate to be used to increase student interest and achievement in science.
doi:10.21043/thabiea.v4i1.9919 fatcat:4zlbupsnkzcghgxzo6lukgt6ve