Performance Of Four Stroke Compression Ignition Engine Operated On Dual Fuel Mode With Producer Gas And Diesel

We intensify our probe on waste biomass found in South India namely Prosopis Juliflora, because of its forceful growth in uncultivated agricultural landfills. To depose the Prosopis Juliflora, biomass gasification is the sufficient thermo-chemical reaction to excerpt useful energy from waste biomass. The fluidized bed gasifier (FBG) was used to gasify the waste biomass Prosopis Juliflora with a feed rate capacity from 5 to 20kg/hr and temperature is in the range of 650 - 950℃ with an
more » ... ratio of 0.24 - 0.44 was maintained. When the gasifier is operated alone, the flame temperature is lower so that the conversion rate of heat energy will also be lower. If the gasifier is operated with accessories the flame temperature got increased by 40%, the conversion rate of heat energy will also be high in the compression ignition (CI) engine. The brake thermal efficiency of compression ignition engine for both (diesel) single fuel and (producer gas + diesel) dual fuel modes at four different producer gas mass flow rate has been shown and specific fuel consumption(SFC) has improved slightly due to addition of calorific value in the producer gas to the supply to the engine from the gasifier.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.j9952.0981119 fatcat:tl3xvwsujrep7fbvuy55r4yxue