Removal Improvement in Water Treatment Plant for Occurrence of Diatoms (Synedra sp.) in the Nakdong River
낙동강유역 상수원의 규조류 발생에 따른 정수장에서 제거율 향상 방안

Min-Chai Kim, Ji-Hoon Kim, Gyu-Tae Seo
2014 Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers  
This study was conducted to investigate removal characteristics for Synedra sp. and filter run time (FRT) according to the cell length in the Nakdong River. When used alone flocculent, the removal efficiency for Synedra tenera (around 100 µm) was constant with 90.9~94.4%, while Synedra acus (around 300 µm) had the lower removal efficiency as 60~70%. PACS2 and PAC showed 5~6% higher removal for S. acus than others (HiB and LAS). When added coagulant aid, loess had no effect and also needed more
more » ... mount of flocculent. Sodium Silicate increased the removal rate by max 10.6%. On the other hand, 2.5 mg/L of Polyamine showed 96.9% removal efficiency for S. acus increasing up to 25% more than PACS2 alone. In the effect of water temperature, the removal for S. acus at 15℃ were 6% higher than at 4℃. There was no significant correlation between the removal efficiencys of turbidity and S. acus. The results of this study was similar to the actual water treatment process's removal characteristics for Synedra sp. depending on the cell length and temperature. In the actual process, the numbers of Synedra in settled water was established natural logarithm function with the filter run time (FRT), so we can predict FRT as Synedra numbers.
doi:10.4491/ksee.2014.36.1.29 fatcat:ic7zndncxjc5dmlcu2nxfnppxu