Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Study the Influence of Turbulence Models in the Behavior of the Cyclonic Separators

Hector Zambrano Meza
2017 International Journal of Petrochemical Science & Engineering  
Abbreviations, a , velocity of sound; ρ , density; Pk, represents the generation of turbulent kinetic energy due to the velocity gradient; Gk , is the generation of turbulent kinetic energy due to floating forces; µ t , is the turbulent viscosity; C 1ε y C 2ε , constants; σ k , σ ε , are the turbulent prandtl numbers for the k-epsilon equations respectively; Y M , represents the contribution of fluctuations of the expansion in the compressible turbulence; ρ , is the density; h S , are the
more » ... h S , are the source terms which include contributions due only to the forces of the body; M t , turbulent mach number; ij Ω , is the rotation tensor seen from the reference point of the angular velocity ( κ w ) The mass conservation and Navier-Stokes averaged Reynolds (RANS) equations in three dimensions are solved under the following assumptions, steady-state, Newtonian fluid, turbulent, incompressible, and three-dimensional flow. Int J Petrochem Sci Eng. 2017;2(2):66-72 66 Abstract This paper applies computational fluid dynamics to study the influence of turbulence models in the behavior of cyclonic separators, we used different turbulence models to model the behavior of single phase air into the cyclone separator, between them, Standard k-epsilon, RNG k-epsilon, Realizable k-epsilon and Spalart Allamara model, employment numerically with FLUENT ® code in its version 6.3, using the finite volume method, we compared the tangential velocity profiles obtained numerically with experimental data, the finite volume method applied to fluid dynamics problems is a useful and important tool for the conceptualization of the phenomenon to be studied, establishing a relationship between the approximation schemes used and the physical effects involved in transport phenomena analyze.
doi:10.15406/ipcse.2017.02.00033 fatcat:jqfmierf7fhrvetqyfjtuf54pu