Comparison of learning needs priorities between healthcare providers and patients with heart failure

Deulle Min, Jin-Sun Park, Eui-Young Choi, Jeong-Ah Ahn, Tim Schultz
2020 PLoS ONE  
It is necessary to understand the learning needs of heart failure (HF) patients to provide adequate patient education. It is necessary to identify what HF patients want to know and how this differs from the educational needs of healthcare providers. The aim of this descriptive and exploratory study was to evaluate and compare the learning needs priorities between HF patients and their healthcare providers. One hundred patients with HF and 20 healthcare providers were recruited from
more » ... d from cardiovascular outpatient clinics at 2 large tertiary medical centers in South Korea. Learning needs were measured using a self-administered questionnaire with the Heart Failure Patients' Learning Needs Inventory. Data were analyzed using SPSS 23.0 program. Overall rank orders for 48 items were similar in both groups (Spearman rank order correlation 0.605, p < .001). The educational topics of medications and worsening signs and symptoms ranked highest in both groups. However, healthcare providers were more concerned with diet management than were the patients (mean score 4.18 vs. 3.62; p = .001). The study showed both similarities and differences between the assessments of the patients and healthcare providers of detailed educational learning needs. It is important to develop patient-centered educational materials considering HF patients' actual learning needs, and also to provide comprehensive and practical patient education based on a supportive understanding of healthcare provider needs.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0239656 pmid:32970770 fatcat:lsovfzltufcrpjbtizwuregff4