Sentinel Ganglion

Carlos Álvarez Laso
2019 Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research  
ARTICLE INFO abstract Sentinel lymph node technique is well known among physicians who treat breast cancer or melanoma but is roll in colorectal cancer is still under investigations. We made an analysis of this simple technique that could be applied is order to make a more precise stadification of colon cancer. As a result of that, a sensitivity of 42% and a specificity of 96% is concluded for our sample. The positive predictive value is 83% and predictive negative is 81% in our sample.
more » ... on Although sentinel lymph node technique is well known among surgeons and pathologist since 1960 [3] , its application in colon cancer remains controversial. The lymphatic drainage mapping in colon cancer is not defined, even more some authors think that is impossible to define it [4]. Our research ended up with very poor results trying to determine the first stage of drainage. We could not reproduce the results of other authors. Conclusion The tested technique is simple and it's possible to carry out with it in any coloproctology unit, if OSNA procedure is available at the Pathology department. The achieved results are insufficient to conclude the usefulness of this technique.
doi:10.26717/bjstr.2019.16.002823 fatcat:l5wsscr4xzhbrl6peyuaplfbeq