Mutations in Caprine DGAT1 and STAT5A Genes were Associated with Milk Production Traits

Xiaopeng An, Jinxing Hou, Haibo Zhao, Chunmei Zhu, Quanmei Yan, Yuxuan Song, Jiangang Wang, Binyun Cao
2012 Engineering  
In this study, polymorphisms of the DGAT1 and STAT5A genes were detected in 528 individuals from Xinong Saanen and Guanzhong goat breeds by PCR-RFLP, PCR-SSCP and DNA sequencing methods. Three allelic variants were identified: DQ380250: g.407_408insC, AJ237937: g.6798C>T and g.6852C>T in both breeds. At g.407_408insC locus, the frequencies of C 1 allele were 0.79-0.85, and frequencies of C 2 allele were 0.21-0.15. At g.6852C>T locus, frequencies of C 3 allele were 0.70-0.72, and frequencies of
more » ... and frequencies of T 3 allele were 0.30-0.28. Compared with goats with C 1 C 1 and C 3 C 3 , those with C 1 C 2 and C 3 T 3 genotypes had significant effects on milk yield and fat percentage (P<0.05), respectively. The result showed that does with C 1 C 1 C 3 T 3 and C 1 C 2 C 3 T 3 had higher milk yield than those with C 1 C 2 C 3 C 3 (P < 0.05). In addition, the combined effect of C 1 C 2 C 3 T 3 on milk fat percentage was the highest in comparison with other combination genotypes (P<0.05).
doi:10.4236/eng.2012.410b008 fatcat:czw4zqvioff37iesyuxq76e3ii