Gain Scheduling in a 6-Axis Articulated Robot Based on LabVIEWⓇ
LabVIEWⓇ기반 6축 수직다관절 로봇의 게인스케쥴링 구현 연구

M.S. Kim, W.J. Chung, S.B. Kim
2014 Journal of the korean society of manufacturing technology engineers  
ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Article history: Recent years have witnessed a growing demand for a wide variety of highperformance industrial robots. In this paper, for accurate gain tuning of a 6-axis articulated industrial robot with reduced noise, a program routine for a dynamic signal analyzer (DSA) using the frequency response method will be programmed using LabVIEW ® . Then, robot transfer functions can be obtained experimentally using the frequency response method with the DSA program. Data from
more » ... he robot transfer functions are transformed into Bode plots, based on which an optimal gain tuning will be executed. Gain tuning can enhance the response quality of the output signal for a given input signal during real-time control of the robot. The effectiveness of our proposed technique will be verified by implementation with a (lab-manufactured) 6-axis articulated industrial robot (hereinafter called "RS2") and comparison with the zero position gain tuning, as well as other positions.
doi:10.7735/ksmte.2014.23.3.318 fatcat:47kxkiymjzaahclydh4yuymkry