Направление диффузионного потока галлия при осаждении на поверхность с регулярными массивами отверстий

В.Г. Дубровский
2021 Technical Physics Letters  
Self-catalyzed growth of GaAs and GaP nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy is often performed on processed SiOx/Si(111) substrates with regular arrays of lithographically defined holes. Ga droplets form in the holes during Ga pre-deposition step in the absence of As supply. It was considered evident that the Ga diffusion flux in such a process is directed from the oxide surface into the holes. Here, we show that it is not always true and that the diffusion flux can change its direction depending
more » ... on the growth conditions. Our model can be useful for modeling the incubation and growth times of group III droplets within the holes and explains long nucleation delays of the droplets.
doi:10.21883/pjtf.2021.12.51063.18765 fatcat:5esjgvurqzhbdhusz2iqndyvpa