Deterministic Distributed Sparse and Ultra-Sparse Spanners and Connectivity Certificates [article]

Marcel Bezdrighin, Michael Elkin, Mohsen Ghaffari, Christoph Grunau, Bernhard Haeupler, Saeed Ilchi, Václav Rozhoň
2022 arXiv   pre-print
This paper presents efficient distributed algorithms for a number of fundamental problems in the area of graph sparsification: We provide the first deterministic distributed algorithm that computes an ultra-sparse spanner in polylog(n) rounds in weighted graphs. Concretely, our algorithm outputs a spanning subgraph with only n+o(n) edges in which the pairwise distances are stretched by a factor of at most O(log n · 2^O(log^* n)). We provide a polylog(n)-round deterministic distributed algorithm
more » ... that computes a spanner with stretch (2k-1) and O(nk + n^1 + 1/klog k) edges in unweighted graphs and with O(n^1 + 1/k k) edges in weighted graphs. We present the first polylog(n)-round randomized distributed algorithm that computes a sparse connectivity certificate. For an n-node graph G, a certificate for connectivity k is a spanning subgraph H that is k-edge-connected if and only if G is k-edge-connected, and this subgraph H is called sparse if it has O(nk) edges. Our algorithm achieves a sparsity of (1 + o(1))nk edges, which is within a 2(1 + o(1)) factor of the best possible.
arXiv:2204.14086v2 fatcat:pecdmzat2vb4peqfeyotx7daee