La traduzione come momento di pace. La sfida felice di Domenico Jervolino

Carla Canullo
Speaking about translation without mentioning the work of Domenico Jervolino is unjust and meaningless. Unjust because Jervolino was the author who in Italy had strongly promoted a "philosophy of translation" as Philosophical Hermeneutics and not only as branch of Analytic Philosophy. Meaningless because if we ignore Jervolino's work, we would squander one of the clearest explanations of the implications of translation, namely its political role. Thanks to Jervolino we can meditate on this task
more » ... ditate on this task and also understand the possible developments of translation, which helps to promote and increase peace.
doi:10.13125/ch/3583 fatcat:4kl3qey6ovb6jaawfjyb37z4bi