A new species of freshwater amphipod (Crustacea, Amphipoda, Hyalellidae) from state of Rio Grande do Sul, Southern Brazil

Morgana Taís Streck-Marx, Daniela da Silva Castiglioni
2020 Biota Neotropica  
Abstract: The current study describes a new species of Hyalella found in a natural pond at the municipality of Palmeira das Missões, located in the northwestern region of state of Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil. The new species differs from other species found in state of Rio Grande do Sul (Hyalella bonariensis, H. castroi, H. kaigang, H. imbya, H. georginae, H. gauchensis, H. montenegrinae and H. pampeana) in the type and number of setae on uropods, on telson and on the inner face of
more » ... pod 1. Besides, Hyalella palmeirensis is morphologically similar to H. curvispina, especially in the shape and number of setae of uropods. However, H. palmeirensis differs from H. curvispina in having only two simple setae on telson, the inner face of gnathopod 1 with five serrate setae and only the posterior distal margin with denticles in comb-scales, and especially by the tubular sternal gills, present on segments 3 to 7. These new records increase from 11 to 12 the number of species known from state of Rio Grande do Sul.
doi:10.1590/1676-0611-bn-2019-0802 fatcat:aokw6jbjevcx7cnfpac7l3ea4y