Limiting horizontal water filtration using drainage-screened modules

Serhii Klimov, Oleg Pinchuk, Serhii Kunytskiy, Anastasiia Klimova
2019 Journal of Water and Land Development  
In the context of climate change, it is important to minimize the changes that are introduced in the territory adjacent to the object of human economic activity. In some cases, this can be done with the help of drainage-screened modules – an anti-filtration screen that redistributes the zone of influence of the drain placed near it. As a result, the drain regulates to a greater extent the zone of human economic activity (drainage system, tailing dump, populated area, etc.) and to a lesser
more » ... d to a lesser extent lowers the level of groundwater in the adjacent territory. The use of drainage-screened modules in tailing farms, for the organized storage of mineral waste of enterprises makes it possible to increase the filtration stability of dike, ensuring the uniform operation of the tailing dams, as well as reliable removal of intercepted groundwater. This is achieved because in the tailing farm the dikes are intensified by drainage-screened modules. Water, filtered through the body of the dike and under it, is intercepted by a drain. A part of the filtration flow, which is not intercepted by the drain, is stopped by the anti-filtration screen.
doi:10.2478/jwld-2019-0066 fatcat:c7j46egrd5hdxcpgacoiik5ujy