Physico-chemical characterization of Dichlorobis (Embelinate)Zinc(II) complex

V Rani, M Prasada Rao, D Rao, B Sailaja
Scholars Research Library Der Pharma Chemica, 2010, 2(5):89-95 ABSTRACT Dichlorobis(embelinate)zinc(II) complex was obtained by the reaction of zinc chloride with embelin in 1:2 molar proportion. The thermal decomposition behaviour of the complex was studied using thermogravimetric analysis. IR analysis of the complex showed that the metal ions were coordinated through the carbonyl and the hydroxyl oxygen atoms. Elemental, Atomic absorption spectrophotometric and X-ray diffraction analyses of
more » ... e complexes gave values that are consistent with six coordinate octahedral geometry of the metal ions. Based on data from these physico-chemical investigations the molecular formula of the complex was proposed as Zn(C 17 H 25 O 4) 2 Cl 2