The anatomical-morphometrical and histological study of larynx in sheep and goats

S Alsadi
The larynx is a valve separating the respiratory system from the upper digestive tract.Which lies between the root of the tongue and trachea. The larynx is an irregular tube suspended by the hyoid apparatus and is partly contained with in the inter mandibular space.The larynx is the upper expanded portion of the wind pipe which is specially modified for the production of voice. The larynx in sheep is longer, wider and thicker than in goats. The larynx has ten muscles in sheep and goats. As well
more » ... as in both animals have five cartilage two cavities and eight ligaments.The laryngeal glands in sheep were more than in goats. Histologically thickness of the layers in sheep were larger than in goats. In addition the collagen fibers and mast cells in larynx were more in sheep and in goats.