CH 4 emission in the forest-tundra subzone: "Standard model" Aa3

I E Kleptsova, E G Kornyushenko, M V Glagolev
2008 Environmental Dynamics and Global Climate Change  
The paper presents experimental data (methane fluxes in forest-tundra) which are the components of "standard model" Aa3. The medians of methane fluxes from palså, oligotrophic hollows, peat mats, poor fens and lakes are accordingly 0.20, 1.12, 11.86, 1.28, 0.55 mgC·m -2·h -1. All abovementioned values relate only to "period of methane emission" which is 120 days in forest tundra.
doi:10.17816/edgcc11s191-199 fatcat:kdeq2j4q65bfbl7zsb5fsccdd4