Mapping Antiretroviral Drugs in Tissue by IR-MALDESI MSI Coupled to the Q Exactive and Comparison with LC-MS/MS SRM Assay

Guillaume Robichaud, Mark T. Bokhart, Corbin Thompson, David C. Muddiman, Jeremy A. Barry, Craig Sykes, Angela D. M. Kashuba
This work describes the coupling of the IR-MALDESI imaging source with the Q Exactive mass spectrometer. IR-MALDESI MSI was used to elucidate the spatial distribution of several HIV drugs in cervical tissues that had been incubated in either a low or high concentration. Serial sections to those analyzed by IR-MALDESI MSI were homogenized and analyzed by LC-MS/MS to quantify the amount of each drug present in the tissue. By comparing the two techniques, an agreement between the average
more » ... e average intensities from the imaging experiment with the absolute quantities for each drug was observed. This correlation between these two techniques serves as a prerequisite to quantitative IR-MALDESI MSI. In addition, a targeted MS2 imaging experiment was also conducted to demonstrate the capabilities of the Q Exactive and to highlight the added selectivity that can be obtained with SRM or MRM imaging experiments.
doi:10.17615/3vgy-bk50 fatcat:pnogk6cyb5cbnkrr5ragwrcp3u