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M Singaraj, M Phil, M Mrs, Immaculate Josephin, Ruba, D Awasthi, Uttar India, Tirtharaj Bhoi, R Rajapakse, P Gunatilaka
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Research has become the order of the day as survival and growth of organizations depend on new knowledge. Universities are a terrain for research as knowledge of students and teachers are pooled and facilitated by the existing infrastructure. Within this backdrop universities are expected to involve in research more and more but in contrast universities are concentrating more on teaching and practical training. Thus it is significant to identify attitudes towards research, role of supervisors
more » ... le of supervisors in motivating research and gender differences in determining the level of research at universities. A significant number of studies highlight that student's attitudes towards research is a significant determinant in their decision to do research. Accordingly undergraduate and postgraduate students' beliefs, attitudes, self-efficacy, and motivation about research influence their interest in doing research. There are indications of female students' low involvement in research especially at the postgraduate level. Irrespective of the level of study academics have to play a key role in promoting research in universities.