Comparative Toxicity of Spinetoram and Nitenpyram against Earthworm and their Effects on Protein Contents and Cholinesterase Activity

Altaf Hussain, Muhammad Farhanullah Khan, Omer Mukhtar, Muhammad Faheem, Umeed Ali
2018 Pakistan journal of scientific and industrial research  
The earthworms numbers and biodiversities are considered as an indicator of soil nature and fertility. Earthworms are very important soil organisms that aid in the decomposition of plant litter. In recent era earthworm obtain more attention in agriculture practices, so that in the present work to determined the comparative effects of nitenpyram and spinetoram on total amount of protein and cholinesterase activity of Pheretima posthuma Kinberg (Order: Haplotaxida and Family: Megaseolecide )
more » ... egaseolecide ) earthworm. Total protein contents were found to be decreased significantly in the peristomium, clitellum, and abdomen regions under treatments of nitenpyram and spinetoram. Cholinesterase activities were inhibited in the peristomium, clitellum and abdomen under the exposures of nitenpyram and spinetoram, at the intervals of 30, 60 and 90 seconds in P. posthuma. Conclusively it is safe to say that spinetoram is better than neonicotinoids for the earthworms, therefore could be switched from neonicotiniods as an IPM component.
doi:10.52763/pjsir.biol.sci.61.2.2018.103.111 fatcat:x4xi5b3sojbn7dvyptyf4p2ope