Aphids (Homoptera, Aphidodea) inhabiting the shrubs of Pinus mugo Turra in the green areas of Lublin. Part I. The population dynamics

Bożenna Jaśkiewicz, Aneta Sławińska
2012 Acta Agrobotanica  
The studies were conducted on the shrubs of mountain pine (<i>Pinus mugo</i> Turra) in the years 1999-2001. Observations were performed on the plants growing in the green areas of Lublin in two sites: a street site (A) and a park one (B). The purpose of the studies was to establish the species composition and the population dynamics of aphids inhabiting dwarf mountain pine. The studies on the shrubs of the mountain pine found out the presence of four species of aphids: <i>Cinara pini</i> L.,
more » ... Schizolachnus pineti</i> F., <i>Eulachnus rileyi</i> (Will.) and <i>Pineus pini</i> (Ratz.). Among those, only <i>C. pini</i> occurred in both sites in each of the studied years. Weather conditions had an effect on the development of aphid population. A delayed period of vegetation, air temperatures above 30<sup>°</sup>C as well as stormy rainfalls considerably limited the population of aphids.
doi:10.5586/aa.2005.021 fatcat:a4yyckyvwvhszjyvvugotupfg4