Aesthetic and Educational Aspects of Contact with Contemporary Religious Architecture

Małgorzata Maria Kulik, Halina Rutyna, Małgorzata Steć, Anna Wendołowska
2022 Religions  
This article addresses the issue of the importance of contemporary architecture—especially Christian architecture—for the aesthetic and spiritual development of an individual. It also highlights the educational aspect that may arise in the framework of the contact of a human with the works of religious architecture. Among many things, the article points out the values of truth and beauty in the space of the sacrum. The major importance in the process of human development involves personal,
more » ... idual and group experiences of meetings in various areas of religious architecture that operate with the language of signs and symbols, modern artistic forms, single-space harmony, and atmosphere—an invisible order of things. In recent years, a number of studies have been carried out that attempted to define what makes the place of sacrum sufficiently meaningful, mysterious, and still necessary in order to establish a spiritual relationship with the community of believers and with God, which is relevant in one's transition to adulthood.
doi:10.3390/rel13050418 fatcat:n2pp5m3plzahrb3nvjariluzb4