Amplitude-only, passive, broadband, optical spatial cloaking of very large objects

John C. Howell, J. Benjamin Howell, Joseph S. Choi
2014 Applied Optics  
We demonstrate three simple cloaking devices that can hide very large spatial objects over the entire visible spectrum using only passive, off-the-shelf optics. The cloaked region for all of the devices exceeds 10^6 mm3 with the largest exceeding 10^8 mm3. Although uni-directional, these cloaks can hide the cloaked object, even if the object is transversely or self-illuminated. Owing to the small usable solid angle, but simple scaling, these cloaks may be of value in hiding small field-of-view
more » ... mall field-of-view objects such as mid- to high-earth orbit satellites.
doi:10.1364/ao.53.001958 pmid:24663476 fatcat:4h22cjd3lffylaad27zgaxcwca