Adaptive Deep PnP Algorithm for Video Snapshot Compressive Imaging [article]

Zongliang Wu, Chengshuai Yang, Xiongfei Su, Xin Yuan
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Video Snapshot compressive imaging (SCI) is a promising technique to capture high-speed videos, which transforms the imaging speed from the detector to mask modulating and only needs a single measurement to capture multiple frames. The algorithm to reconstruct high-speed frames from the measurement plays a vital role in SCI. In this paper, we consider the promising reconstruction algorithm framework, namely plug-and-play (PnP), which is flexible to the encoding process comparing with other deep
more » ... learning networks. One drawback of existing PnP algorithms is that they use a pre-trained denoising network as a plugged prior while the training data of the network might be different from the task in real applications. Towards this end, in this work, we propose the online PnP algorithm which can adaptively update the network's parameters within the PnP iteration; this makes the denoising network more applicable to the desired data in the SCI reconstruction. Furthermore, for color video imaging, RGB frames need to be recovered from Bayer pattern or named demosaicing in the camera pipeline. To address this challenge, we design a two-stage reconstruction framework to optimize these two coupled ill-posed problems and introduce a deep demosaicing prior specifically for video demosaicing which does not have much past works instead of using single image demosaicing networks. Extensive results on both simulation and real datasets verify the superiority of our adaptive deep PnP algorithm.
arXiv:2201.05483v2 fatcat:3xty5lejfjgihe44a5hgx6r3ju