Security Enhancement Technique for Defending Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Mesh Networks

Virendra Dani, Vijay Birchha, P Scholar
Wireless mesh network is one the most potential application network for outdoor communication. In this presented work the security issues are investigated in WMN and a solution for security issue is designed more specifically for wormhole attack detection and prevention. The issues rise when the nodes are mobile and poor routing techniques allow a user to change or modify the information during data transmission because, during network communication the data is transmitted through the
more » ... te routers where any node can leave or join the network any time. Thus a malevolent node also can join the network and harm the privacy and security. This given scheme is desired to prepare for the secure communication route discovery which is able to provide the solution for defending routing based attacks in the network one of the attack is wormhole. Thus a novel key is desired to set up for the secure communication route sighting which is able to provide the solution for wormhole link attack in WMNs. The implementation of the proposed secure routing technique is in NS2 simulator.