Statistical Anomalies of Bitflips in SRAMs to Discriminate SBUs From MCUs

Juan Antonio Clemente, Francisco J. Franco, Francesca Villa, Maud Baylac, Solenne Rey, Hortensia Mecha, Juan A. Agapito, Helmut Puchner, Guillaume Hubert, Raoul Velazco
2016 IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science  
Recently, the occurrence of multiple events in static tests has been investigated by checking the statistical distribution of the difference between the addresses of the words containing bitflips. That method has been successfully applied to Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and the original authors indicate that it is also valid for SRAMs. This paper presents a modified methodology that is based on checking the XORed addresses with bitflips, rather than on the difference. Irradiation
more » ... on CMOS 130 & 90 nm SRAMs with 14-MeV neutrons have been performed to validate this methodology. Results in high-altitude environments are also presented and cross-checked with theoretical predictions. In addition, this methodology has also been used to detect modifications in the organization of said memories. Theoretical predictions have been validated with actual data provided by the manufacturer.
doi:10.1109/tns.2016.2551263 fatcat:qdnedn2eu5eshlsvq2wt2grj2m