Static Deadlock Detection in SHIM with an Automata Type Checking System

Nalini Vasudevan, Stephen A. Edwards, Dave Aaron Smith, Columbia University. Computer Science
With the advent of multicores, concurrent programming languages are become more prevelant. Data Races and Deadlocks are two major problems with concurrent programs. SHIM is a concurrent programming language that guarantees absence of data races through its semantics. However, a program written in SHIM can deadlock if not carefully written. In this paper, we present a divide-and-merge technique to statically detect deadlocks in SHIM. SHIM is asynchronous, but we can greatly reduce its state
more » ... duce its state space without loosing precision because of its semantics.
doi:10.7916/d8zc89sk fatcat:xp66nukarnaztfanyv422djnke