Current Status of Leptospirosis: A Zoonotic Tropical Disease

Manoj Ramesh Kumbhare, Ajaykumar Rikhabchand Surana, Rutuja Arjun Arote, Gaurav Dnyaneshwar Borse
2019 International Journal of Microbiology and Current Research  
Leptospirosis occurs all over the globe but is maximum in the tropics. Leptospirosis, a spirochaetal zoonotic infection, has been documented as a significant rising infectious disease in the last several years. This review deals with the concerns in the epidemiology, diagnosis and clinical management which tackle community health responses, and focuses the advancement completed towards considerate the Leptospira genome, biology and pathogenesis. Although numerous wild and household animals can
more » ... sehold animals can offer out as reservoir hosts, the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) is the chief basis of human infections. Persons residing in city slum environments described by insufficient hygiene and poor shelter are at elevated risk of rat contact and leptospirosis. Antimicrobial treatment is specified for the severe leptospirosis, however its use is notorious for the mild form of leptospirosis. In a so-called outbreak, efforts to diagnose leptospirosis must be expectant to enable punctual treatment. For outbreaks in distant or areas with deprived access, limited utilization of screening tests to identify antibody is helpful. When an outbreak of leptospirosis is suspected or recognized, and if it has been promising to identify the attendant concerned, the source must be identified and appropriate environmental measures implemented, with public information to community at danger (including clinicians as well as health care employees and health authorities).
doi:10.18689/ijmr-1000102 fatcat:3mhe76odynahdbypvoszhs6tfe