Multiaxial fatigue assessment of welded joints in marine structures

P.S. van Lieshout, J.H. den Besten, M.L. Kaminski
2018 International Shipbuilding Progress  
Structural geometry and stochastic loads such as swell and wind seas can typically induce multiaxial stress states in welded details of marine structures. It is known that such complex time varying stress states determine the fatigue resistance of welded steel joints. Therefore, it is of importance to account for them in fatigue lifetime estimation. Over the past few decades a wide variety of design guidelines and methods have been developed for multiaxial fatigue assessment, but so far there
more » ... but so far there does not exist a general hypothesis applicable to all possible load cases. This study provides an overview of the current state-ofthe-art in academia and engineering practice in terms of multiaxial fatigue assessment, and is focusing on the application to welded joints in marine structures. The progress of different approaches and methods is elaborated and commented upon, taking their hypothesis and (physical) basis into consideration. The insights that are provided in this paper form a valuable foundation for future investigations and emphasize the necessity of experimental proofs and model validation.
doi:10.3233/isp-170141 fatcat:kqa6hqiefnghdlkpeh3m4rmati