Perceived and Objective Neighborhood Characteristics Associated With Physical Activity Among Asian Americans Residing in Philadelphia County [article]

(:Unkn) Unknown, David Sarwer, University, My
Physical activity is an important lifestyle behavior known to improve overall health as well as provide substantial reductions in the risk of chronic illnesses, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, hypertension, stroke, depression, and anxiety. The built environment that surrounds where individuals reside has substantial impacts on physical activity behavior. Neighborhood walkability and the availability of physical activity resources such as parks and facilities within
more » ... facilities within neighborhoods serve as opportunities to engage in leisure-based physical activity and active transportation. The purpose of this study was to determine whether objective and perceived built environmental characteristics were associated with neighborhood physical activity levels among Asian Americans living in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. Methods: Participants were recruited from July to December 2019. A Built Environment and Physical Activity questionnaire that included socio-demographics, the Neighborhood Environment Walkability Scale (NEWS), and the Neighborhood Physical Activity Questionnaire (NPAQ) were administered in English, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese. The Walk Score was obtained online for each participant's address. Furthermore, proximity to parks and recreational facilities was measured using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to find the network distance to the nearest facility and park. Zero-inflated negative binomial regression models were used while controlling for the clustered sample design and for socio-demographic characteristics. Physical activity was generally examined with respect to active transportation, recreational walking/cycling, and overall physical activity. Additional analyses were also conducted to examine how perceived versus objective characteristics, and ethnic group differences explained the relationship between built environment predictors and meeting the physical activity guidelines. These findings were assessed through logistic regression models. Results: In r [...]
doi:10.34944/dspace/2584 fatcat:ykx43mbyfbgq3exgemazwzbpge