Degumming Characteristics and Color Stability of GoldenSilk Cocoon

Hae-Yong Kweon, Kwang-Gill Lee, Kwang-Young Park, Seok-Woo Kang, Young-Seek Seok
2012 International Journal of Industrial Entomology  
A newly developed silkworm variety, GoldenSilk makes bright yellow cocoon. In this article, the basic characteristics of GoldenSilk cocoon were examined through color analysis, degumming characteristics and UV spectrophotometer. The colorant of Golden-Silk cocoon was not distributed evenly throughout the cocoon layer but existed in the outer layer of the cocoon. The colorant has not good resistance against sunlight. The degumming loss percentage of Golden-Silk cocoon was 29.2%, which is
more » ... %, which is relatively higher than that of the authorized one. UV spectrophotometer showed specific absorption band around 400 to 500 nm, which is the specific yellow colorant of the GoldenSilk cocoon extracted to the degumming solution during the degumming process.
doi:10.7852/ijie.2012.24.1.001 fatcat:vlqz5qmegzcy3k37zk2fp3z6w4