Corrections [peer_review]

Lucile Verrot
2016 unpublished
There was a calculation error implying changes in Figure 4 and associated results. The changes are as follow: L14-17: Regardless of RCP scenario, the greatest projected changes are found for the occurrence frequency of dry/wet events. Especially large increases in dry-event frequency, combined with increased inter-annual variability of dry-season water content, indicate increased drought risk for several large catchments over the world, with the considered RCP scenario determining which these
more » ... ining which these catchments are. L266-272: The greatest relative changes are found for the occurrence frequency of both dry and wet θuz events, as defined in section 2.5. The greatest of these changes are projected to occur under the scenario RCP 8.5 (Fig. 3) . For this scenario, the catch-C1
doi:10.5194/hess-2016-165-ac1 fatcat:ludpppq5zfal3coruhpjdoxwhm