Electronic Communication Methods and False Feelings in Social Relations

Dr. Hind Al- Braizat
2017 Journal of Sociology and Social Work  
The various electronic means of communication continue to evolve and diversify in our world day after day. They serve as a platform for exchanging feelings of both joy and sorrow, as well as love and hatred towards people, places, foods, products, and many services provided. It is also a bold way for some to allow them to freely express sincere or false feelings involving much hypocrisy and hatred, despite showing the opposite to the person or people who communicate with them through different
more » ... through different sites and applications, through exchange of messages, comments or even emoticons. The individual, despite being aware that the real feelings of the person he is communicating with are different from what is being portrayed through electronic communication, accepts the symbols of smiley faces and words of praise. Will this lead us to a double-mindedness as well as a double emotion between reality and the virtual world? When an individual expresses his feelings through social media, which serves as a haven for him to reveal what is on his mind, rather than simply expressing feelings face to face, he may have certain feelings yet portray the opposite such as portraying happiness to a person but feel sad. This paper will come to show how false feelings spread through social networking pages and through their applications and justifications.
doi:10.15640/jssw.v5n1a13 fatcat:wvqd23waqngila7td4ejtzrcbi