Thermo-Mechanical Behaviour of HfO2 Coatings for Aerospace Applications [chapter]

K. Mergia, Volker Liedtke, T. Speliotis, G. Apostolopoulos, S. Messoloras
2008 Advanced Materials Research  
a, b , c, d, e Abstract. The use of ceramic composite materials in aerospace applications requires the development of oxidization protection coatings which can withstand very high temperatures. HfO 2 is a promising material as a high temperature oxidization protective layer. HfO 2 coatings have been deposited by radiation frequency magnetron sputtering all over
more » ... e surface of SiC substrates and were tested under re-entry conditions. Also their oxidization resistance in air in the temperature range 1100 to 1450°C has been examined. The coatings were found to be stable and well-adhering to the substrate even after 100 re-entry cycles. No oxidization of the underlying SiC structure is observed. Re-entry and oxidization tests result in the formation of HfSiO 4 at the HfO 2 /SiC interface, which further promotes their oxidization resistance.
doi:10.4028/3-908454-01-8.87 fatcat:eb2l4ojnwrcbni6itpgdnoyqxa