A seamless coordinator switching (SCS) scheme for wireless personal area network

Won Soo Kim, Il Whan Kim, Seung Eun Hong, Chung Gu Kang
2003 IEEE transactions on consumer electronics  
In the emerging wireless personal area networks (WPANs), one of the active devices in a piconet is designated as a coordinator, which plays a critical roles, e.g., to provide the basic timing for operation of the piconet and manage the QoS requirements/power saving modes. To warrant maintenance of the coordinating function under some unpredictable situations such as sudden power-off or fast movement of a coordinator, it must be seamlessly switched. This paper proposes a new SCS (Seamless
more » ... CS (Seamless Coordinator Switching) scheme to maintain the piconet by selecting a coordinator in the subsequent superframe without incurring the re-initialization overhead. 1 . Index Terms -Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN), Piconet Coordinator, Seamless Handover, Medium Access Control. MAC protocol development of wireless communication systems, including broadband wireless LAN/MAN and mobile ad-hoc networks.
doi:10.1109/tce.2003.1233771 fatcat:e7zctzra4vfzldx24tyqypmfmq