A review of ontologies for smart and continuous commissioning [article]

Sara Gilani, Caroline Quinn, J.J. McArthur
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Smart and continuous commissioning (SCCx) of buildings can result in a significant reduction in the gap between design and operational performance. Ontologies play an important role in SCCx as they facilitate data readability and reasoning by machines. A better understanding of ontologies is required in order to develop and incorporate them in SCCx. This paper critically reviews the state-of-the-art research on building data ontologies since 2014 within the SCCx domain through sorting them
more » ... on building data types, general approaches, and applications. The data types of two main domains of building information modeling and building management system have been considered in the majority of existing ontologies. Three main applications are evident from a critical analysis of existing ontologies: (1) key performance indicator calculation, (2) building performance improvement, and (3) fault detection and diagnosis. The key gaps found in the literature review are a holistic ontology for SCCx and insight on how such approaches should be evaluated. Based on these findings, this study provides recommendations for future necessary research including: identification of SCCx-related data types, assessment of ontology performance, and creation of open-source approaches.
arXiv:2205.07636v1 fatcat:ifp5hhzphvhsfcwuhh6tctncmq