Bilateral traumatic closed femoral nerve injury a case report

Takeshi Arizono, Tetsuo Kojima, Yoshio Uchida, Yoichi Sugioka
1987 Orthopedics & Traumatology  
Traumatic closed femoral nerve neuropathy occurring in a healthy patient is rare but well described in previous reports. Wp present the case of this injury occurred in a 45-year-old man . The first physical examination revealed no contraction of quadriceps muscle and absence of knee reflex bilaterally. There was diminished sensation on the ahteromedial aspect of bilateral thighs . Electromyography(EMG)showed no voluntary activity in bilateral quadriceps. Two months later , little improvement in
more » ... right quadhceps was gained in the repeated physical examination and EMG , while the left side gradually recovered. Nurolysis of the right femoral nerve was performed two months after the injury. Eight months after the operation, there was almost complete recovery of the paralysis in both sides and the patient:finds no difficulty in daily life.
doi:10.5035/nishiseisai.35.1528 fatcat:ihav4a5gqvgk5lhvtilsgkiyny