Reactions of pyridyl and related heteroaromatic compounds activated by sulfur functional groups

1987 Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan  
Naomichi FURUKAWA* Characteristic properties of organosulfur compounds bearing azaheteroaromatics and their applications for organic synthesis are described as follows: 1) strategies for development of new synthetic procedures by using thione-thiol tautomerisms of pyridyl derivatives. 2) studies on new ligand coupling reactions of benzyl pyridyl and related sulfoxides with Grignard reagents and butyl lithium together with their stereochemistry and mechanisms. 3) preparation and reactions of
more » ... dyl and quinolyl Grignard reagents. 4) ipso-substitution reactions on the azaaromatic compounds bearing sulfinyl and sulfonyl groups with nucleophiles.
doi:10.5059/yukigoseikyokaishi.45.624 fatcat:bgycjf6jq5farn5j3pqbwodb6m