Inspired Inquiry: Crafting K-5 STEM Lessons with Science Fiction

Emily Midkiff, Bonnie Laabs
K-12 STEM Education   unpublished
As many proponents of STEAM education have argued, the creativity and socially-grounded expressiveness of art is a naturally occurring function of science, technology, engineering, and math. No innovations could be made otherwise! Teachers can develop this essential creativity in elementary science lessons through high-quality science fiction. While largely understudied in education research, there is evidence that engaging children in quality science fiction is likely to increase engagement
more » ... interest in STEM study and potentially even STEM careers. High quality examples of science fiction have a special penchant for evoking wonder and speculation-prime ingredients for inquiry. This article offers the theory, guidance, and ideas that science teachers need to begin using science fiction picturebooks as a productive tool in STEAM lessons.