Generating Cluster Formulas Using The Primary Clusters And The K(n) Parameters

Enos Masheija Rwantale Kiremire
2018 International Journal of Chemistry  
The formulas of transition metal clusters can be regarded as multiples of their respective PRIMARY CLUSTERS and K(n) parameters. A primary cluster of a transition metal skeletal element can be defined as that cluster of a mono-skeletal element which obeys the 18 electron rule. Such clusters, among others include, Cr(CO)6, Fe(CO)5, Ni(CO)4, and Zn(CO)3 and the respective K values of the skeletal elements are 6, 5, 4 and 3. The selected K(n) series are given and the derived hypothetical golden
more » ... sters are given as examples for illustrations. Selected known golden clusters are also found to be multiples of K(n) parameters and the 18 valence fragment cluster, AuL3.5. The graphical representations of a few selected examples of golden clusters are given.
doi:10.5539/ijc.v10n2p85 fatcat:kyclnnnhknhtpmabwcovypwfrm