Priyanka Wagh, Ajay Pawar, Ganesh Kasabe, Lavhare
Multidisciplinary Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Document Reader using Android is the concept to use smart phone in a more smart way. We were imagine one thing which slightly magical and impressive is that whatever document we want to actually read that the same document can we listen with doing some other work? Answer is yes, we can design a system which can be listen instead of reading. Our document reader using Android project topic can fulfill this idea. To make such kind of a system we are using daily used camera with good camera
more » ... good camera quality. In our busy life style people are not spend more time for a reading books, novels, news papers and any other physical paper books which is more difficult to carry with them, because lack of time peoples are ignore such hobby's but our system will overcome on all these problems and get a excellent solution. Using this system people will actually get knowledge without holding book in hand without reading also. System will provide facility to listen book. If we want to read some document or book or newspaper but we don't have that much time to hold in hand and read then we can simply take a snap by phone camera and listen by running our system/application. Our purpose was to create an application that allows a user to jump to the correct section of an audio book by taking a picture of the page they are reading in a reading in a paper book. We used image processing algorithms such as Image Binaralization, Contour Extraction method/ sobel algorithm and Morphological Transformation.