Learning Performance Assessment for Culture Environment Learning and Custom Experience with an AR Navigation System

Chang, Hu, Chen
2019 Sustainability  
Culturally sustainable environmental education is a crucial issue that is inseparable from our society and environment; and closely linked to our life. Taiwan's cultural environment and family activities are characterized by religious beliefs and temple architectures. Incorporating digital technology into learning about the cultural environment of Taiwan can be an effective way to achieve sustainability. To have a deeper understanding of Taiwan's culture and aesthetics, this study uses AR
more » ... nted reality) technology to bring interactive experiences to the temple, so that the public can interactively experience arts in the temple. Through the AR navigation system, people can ascertain cultural connotations and understand the power of Taiwan's beliefs. This study will take the Wumiao (martial temple) in Yanshui District, Tainan, Taiwan, as the research field to examine the learning experiences and performance with an AR navigation system. The empirical method is used to collect data of users' behaviors and feelings; the statistics approach is also used to testify to the AR usability that is if with AR technology people can have a better understanding and learning performance on the culture aspect. Research finding proves one can have a better learning experience with AR tech with a positive result. According to the correlation coefficient analysis, only perceived enjoyment and perceived ease of use are moderately correlated, the other differences are highly correlated. It is thus clear that AR navigation systems should be applied for having better folk beliefs, cultural etiquette learning experiences, and learning performance, more, for not merely having faith, but also loyalty as well.
doi:10.3390/su11174759 fatcat:rk4ot52h45afndukhcmvom32iq