Testing the Robustness of Local Network Metrics in Research on Archeological Local Transport Networks

Mark R. Groenhuijzen, Philip Verhagen
2016 Frontiers in Digital Humanities  
With the increased application of network analysis in archeology to form hypotheses, particularly concerning the research on mobility, a need has arisen to validate the network analysis results. This paper presents a case study of a local transport network in the Dutch part of the Roman limes between 70 and 270 AD created using a leastcost approach, and tests the robustness of the local network metric of betweenness centrality and the archeological interpretation thereof. It is demonstrated
more » ... is demonstrated that while the majority of sites have a robust and thus reliable betweenness centrality, there are still a large number of sites for which the network measurements are very dependent on the precise structure of the network present. Testing robustness of network analysis results thus proves a useful tool for both validating the network modeling results and the archeological interpretations of that network.
doi:10.3389/fdigh.2016.00006 fatcat:agi23t5zd5djrdjl75h77uc5yy