The Caprellidea (Crustacea: Amphipoda) from Ceuta, North Africa, with the description of three species of Caprella, a key to the species of Caprella, and biogeographical discussion

J. M. Guerra-García, I. Takeuchi
2002 Journal of Natural History  
The caprellidean fauna of Ceuta, located on the North African side of the Strait of Gibraltar, was studied with regard to species composition and biogeographical characteristics. A new species, Caprella ceutae n. sp. is described and compared with the closest species of this genus, C. equilibra and C. fretensis. Furthermore, two species, C. tuberculata and C. liparotensis are redescribed in detail. Of the nineteen species collected, three are recorded for the ® rst time in the Mediterranean
more » ... i.e. C. fretensis, C. erethizon and C. tuberculata. With regard to biogeographical distribution, the Strait of Gibraltar has a very high proportion of endemic species of the Caprellidea, contributing 30.8% of the Mediterranean endemisms. A key to the 13 species of Caprella from the region of Ceuta is also provided.
doi:10.1080/00222930010025923 fatcat:yylc3rmnbvdz7b77mdd4laciim